Procare Premium 24*7 Foil Collection Trays (3pack)

For the 24*7 Automatic Foil Machine

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Procare offers extra 24*7 Foil Collection Trays that are specifically designed to fit the 24*7 Electric Foil Machine.

With a set of three trays, the machine can be used by multiple stylists simultaneously, allowing for efficient workflow during busy times in the salon. The full tray can be easily removed and replaced with an empty one.

dimensions & product details

Dimensions & Specifications
Matte Black
24*7 Electric Foil Machine
x3 Foil Collection Trays
Shipping Details
0.5 kg
40 × 18 × 11 cm
Cubic Meters

Simplifying your operation

  • Effective and professional foil collection – a must-have for salons and mobile hair colouring.
  • Ensures smooth and efficient workflow during treatments.
  • Suitable for both tips and full-head foils, making them a versatile choice for each client’s individual needs.

24*7 Premium Foil is only to be used with the 24*7 Electric Foil Machine.

How green is your foil?

At Comfortel we care about the environment and work with our suppliers on eco-solutions, waste reduction and money saving ideas for our salon customers.

Is 24*7 foil made from Recycled Aluminum?

Did you know that Hair Foils must be made with a high content of primary aluminium so they don’t react with hair colourants?  Comfortel uses recycled content during the manufacturing of its foil, but unfortunately it is not possible to make Hair Foils using only recycled aluminum.

Is 24*7 foil Recyclable?

All aluminum products can be recycled, this is one of the huge benefits of aluminum as a product. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again. In fact, 75% of all the aluminum that has been produced since 1888 is still in the loop.

So why should you use 24*7 foil?

It’s simple. By cutting each foil exactly how you want it, the 24*7 eliminates waste and saves you time and money.


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