Perfecting Neutrals & Textures: The Beauty Bar Kalamunda

Perfecting Neutrals & Textures: The Beauty Bar Kalamunda

The Beauty Bar Kalamunda’s Neutral Salon Aesthetic

Step into The Beauty Bar Kalamunda, where a soothing and grounded atmosphere awaits.
With a focus on women’s mental health and empowerment, this one-stop-shop for beauty services reflects the values of its owner, Britanie Dyer, and staff.

The salon’s neutral tones and earthy textures provide a timeless backdrop, while subtle details and statement pieces add elegance and personality.
Britanie collaborated with interior designer Chelsea Harrison from Marquet Studio to achieve the salon’s unique aesthetic.
By incorporating Comfortel’s Eco Salon Chair and Lara Reclining Salon Chair in White, along with a variety of natural textures, the space achieves a grounded and earthy feel that is both welcoming and calming.

How to perfect Neutrals & Textures:

  • Choose a neutral colour palette: Shades of white, beige, and Gray create a calming and timeless atmosphere. They also provide a perfect backdrop for other elements in the space.
  • Incorporate natural textures: Earthy textures like wood, stone, and wicker add warmth and depth to the space. Use them on floors, walls, and furniture to create a natural and inviting atmosphere.
  • Use statement pieces: One or two statement pieces can add personality and character to the space. Examples include unique light fixtures, artwork, or even a large plant. Choose items that complement the neutral colour palette and natural textures in the space.
  • Keep it minimal: A clean and clutter-free space is calming and allows the eye to focus on the details. Keep the space simple and minimal with only essential items and decorative accents that add value to the space.
  • Incorporate plenty of natural light: Natural light enhances the salon atmosphere, and it is good for customers’ well-being. Use large windows, light-coloured walls, and mirrors to maximize natural light.
  • Invest in quality furniture: The salon furniture should be comfortable, durable, and functional. Invest in high-quality pieces that match the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Add greenery: Plants are an excellent way to bring life and colour to a neutral space. They also provide health benefits and help purify the air. Choose plants that thrive in low-light conditions, such as snake plants or peace lilies.

Get the look with Comfortel Salon Furniture

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Salon:  The Beauty Bar Kalamunda  www.thebeautybarperth.com.au @Thebeautybar_Kalamunda
Salon Furniture:  Comfortel Salon Furniture www.comfortel.com.au
Photographer: Renae Robert, Rogue Road Photographer
& Claire McFerran, Gathering Light
Interior Designer: Chelsea Harrison, Marquet Studio